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Bronze and Silver Athena Army in The Lost Canvas Movie

     Voice - Hirano Aya
     Hometown: Italy
Goddess Athena of this era. 14 years old. Once, Athena of generations is descended under the Athena image as God to borrow the figure of two hundred people in several decades, but born as a human being. Spent in the orphanage childhood, where he lived with Tenma from his childhood friend and brother-alone, been found by Shijifosu of Sagittarius before the holy war begins, it is picked up in the sanctuary. Tender girl that we feel the pain of mind of the other party.

It's right people to Athena to combine the courage and compassion, but to show the behavior of girlish around in front of a close someone like Tenma.

Pope Sage
     Voice - Toshihiko Seki
     Trick: Talisman cage, Sekishikabaneki underworld wave
And assist the goddess Sasha, to oversee the Saint. The original one that survived in the previous holy war is a golden Saint of Cancer. It has a past that has killed many fellow twins god of Hades under, you have a long-cherished wish the overthrow of twins God. In a united front with Manigorudo of disciples, was containment Thanatos.

Bronze Saint

Tenma Pegasus constellation (Pegasus)
     Voice - Tetsuya Kakihara
     Hometown: Italy training Location: Greek, sanctuary.
     Trick: Pegasus Meteor Fist, Pegasus Comet Fist, Pegasus Comet Fist Miracle (Big Bang)
15 years old. Hero of this volume. In Saint of Pegasus constellation of this era, the person striking the previous life of Seiya. The name is written in katakana Unlike the "Saint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Hades Mythology". Along with the orphans and other Sasha and alone, I live in an orphanage on the edge of the city. It is to go to Saint sanctuary is expected makings to Warabetora, but anguish to know that my best friend is Hades.

Unicorn constellation of (Unicorn) (Hare)
     Voice - Atsushi Abe
     Trick: Unicorn gallop
15 years old. Has received the feelings to Sasha, also make look into the rivalry and jealousy for Tenma of friendly terms and specially her. But the information in thick sucker, it will become relationship call a best friend to share someone in the action and Tenma basically.

Bronze Saint four Shu
At the behest of the search and repair in order to chase the Hades Castle fled in the air of the "Ark", Junkers wolf constellation that has been dispatched to Jameel with 耶人 and colleagues Yuzuriha of (Wolf), child lion constellation (Lyonnet) 4 people Purerio of, Curtis sea snake zodiac sign (Hydra), of Douglas Okuma constellations (Bear). I serve as the commander of the ship repair ark after the discovery.

Silver Saint

Yuzuriha of Grus (Crane)
     Voice - Kobayashi Sanae
     Trick: Aya Mai Sang (Kenbusho previous visitor)
Woman warrior of Jameel. 17-year-old. Using the ESP teleport, such as psychokinesis. Feel hassle that don a mask, (real face is almost in front of this two people) that is not wearing a mask when there are no people of Tenma and non

Haku lei altar locus (Alter)
     Voice - Horiuchi Ken'yu
     Trick: Sekishikabaneki underworld wave, Sekishikabane tact spirit wave
Brother of Pope sage long bundling the clan of Jameel. Survival in the previous holy war, I have a repair technology of Cloth. Golden Cloth of Cancer their supposed wearing their positions of Pope also be ceded to the sage of his brother, the original has been devoted to the behind the scenes themselves.

Silver Cloth seat of the altar is a Cloth a person to assist the Pope wears, part shape are the same as those that appear in the "Saint Seiya Encyclopedia", but the shape is different.

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